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What is Pro-QCP?
Pro-QCP is an online, web-based software program that facilitates the creation of Individualized Quality Control Plans (IQCP's) consistent with EP-23 guidelines. This specialized program was designed to simplify and streamline the challenging and time consuming process of developing IQCP's. Pro-QCP is available by annual subscription with specialized modules specific for each test device or method.


How does it help me?
Pro-QCP provides a multitude of benefits, including:
  Saving you hours of research and information gathering
  Standardizing QC protocols throughout your healthcare facility
  Reducing your institution's costs and regulatory burden
  Identifying mitigation measures that will improve patient outcomes


Does this software take into account accreditation requirements?
Yes, Pro-QCP incorporates current accreditation requirements to ensure CAP, TJC or COLA compliance.


How flexible is the program since I have limited time to dedicate to any one project?
One of the key advantages of using Pro-QCP is the ability to stop and resume at any time. The program is broken down into logical sections to facilitate a step-by-step process for you and your development committee (as appropriate). The program is easy to navigate, keeps track of your progress and allows you to develop IQCP's at your own pace.


Once I complete my IQCP for a particular test system, can I share that information with other locations throughout my facility?
Yes, one of the benefits of Pro-QCP is what we refer to as “cloning”: the ability to copy a completed assessment and make edits as appropriate for an IQCP for a new location.






How do I order Pro-QCP?
Subscribe to Pro-QCP on-line at using a purchase order or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express). Click here and follow the first time order instructions. Pro-QCP module subscriptions are renewed annually with any revisions and updates included at time of renewal.

What is a Pro-QCP “module”?
Pro-QCP is available as individual 'modules'.  Each module is customized for a specific test (or test panel) performed on a particular instrument or device (e.g., Abbott i-STAT CG8+ Cartridge, IL GEM Premier 4000 Analyzer, etc.).

What is a Pro-QCP “assessment”?
When you purchase a module subscription it is designated for a particular department and IQCP location within your hospital or laboratory. This combination of module and location is an assessment, with one assessment used for each set of IQCP reports you generate using Pro-QCP.

How is Pro-QCP sold?
The Pro-QCP software program is available for use by an annual subscription, purchased on a modular basis for each test system. The program is used online via a web browser and requires a working internet connection.


How many modules do I need to order to develop multiple IQCP's for the same test device or method?
According to CMS:

In laboratories with multiple numbers of identical devices (same make and model), a single risk assessment may be performed for the test system. However, differences in testing personnel and environments where the test systems will be used must be taken into consideration when performing the risk assessment; therefore, there may be a need to customize an IQCP for each individual location and/or device.

Once you purchase your first Pro-QCP module for a particular test system, additional modules of the same type are available at a 75% discount (ordered under the same CLIA number).


Are large healthcare networks with multiple locations eligible for a discount?
Pro-QCP is priced competitively, and modules of the same type, under the same CLIA number, can be purchased at a 75% discount. This discount will be automatically applied at check-out. For organizations interested in purchasing more than 10 of the same module, please contact CarePoint Solutions customer service for volume pricing.





What is a ''Pro-QCP User Account'?
When you first register for Pro-QCP, you establish a user account using an accessible email as your ‘Username’. Click the “Account Login” tab above to open ‘Account Central’ to purchase or use Pro-QCP modules. Each account is specific to one CLIA number and email address.

What hardware/software is needed to use Pro-QCP?
Pro-QCP is an online “cloud based” software program accessed through a computer web browser. Current browsers supported are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (not IE8, IE9 or IE10). For best results use the Google Chrome browser. As Pro-QCP data is automatically stored online, users can start a module on one computer, then log-out and continue work on a different computer. Standard printing capabilities are needed to generate printed PDF reports (standard system software for Macs, Adobe Acrobat Reader® for Windows PCs).




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