Provides a systematic step-by-step procedure to implement risk management

  Helps identify all the variables of risk management that need to be considered when creating your IQCP’s

  Organizes your data collection requirements for each individualized plan

  Offers modules specific to each test platform, pre-populated with current manufacturer specifications

  Creates the custom reports essential to defending IQCP’s during inspections


  Streamlines annual verification of IQCP’s through an online document control system

  Standardizes your IQCP’s throughout your facility

  Allows your institution to optimize quality control usage to lower costs

  Focuses your attention on the most impactful quality improvement initiatives

  Incorporates current accreditation requirements to ensure CAP, The Joint Commission, or COLA compliance


  Facilitates a systematic review of the effectiveness of your current quality assurance efforts

  Compares your current procedures and risk mitigation efforts against “best practices”

  Helps ensure that residual risk is appropriate for your specific patient population

  Identifies errors that could lead to patient misdiagnoses



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